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Site Page Hits Counter:

All site counters are reset annually on 31st December.  The total number of site page hits displayed in the footer includes humans, and robots.  Each time a new page is viewed, the total site page hits counter increments.

Current total site page hits since 1st January 2019 : = 279,060

Total site page hits in 2018 to December 31st was : = 249,359

Displayed Listing Views Counters:

Each time a visitor initiates a search for available entities or services two actions occurs:

1. as indicated above, the total site page hits increments when a new page loads, and
2. each of the displayed listing views counters on that page increment.

Displayed listing views counters indicate visitor search trends, and represent the total number of times each displayed listing has been viewed since the counter was reset.

Some displayed listing views counters will show more counts; a function of visitor searches based upon category grouping / service type, or business name specific searches.

Current total of all displayed listing views counters: = 1,267,636

Paid Listings:

Paid listings attract more views from searchs that can include contents from business descriptions, or hidden keywords.   Paid listings do not have to contain links to email or websites, but listings that do contain such links are automatically included in specific link display pages on   For example, paid listings containing website links are automatically included in the links page displayed in the footer.  See Sitemap for other pages.

Total Paid listings: = 64    Total Unpaid listings: = 2043

On average, paid listings receive 2.50 times more visitor views than similar un-paid listings.  
This represents a 150% potential advantage.

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