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Paid Listings

Our Products and Pricing for 2021

Standard Price = $22.00  

Listing Options Unpaid Paid  
Price (inc.) for 2021   --   $22.00 (inc.)  
 Enterprise Name Limited  
 Address   --    
 Enterprise Phone # Limited  
 Mobile #   --    
 Email Address link   --    
 Web Address link   --    
 Messanger link   --    
 Facebook link   --    
 Instagram link   --    
 Twitter link   --    
 Pinterest link   --    
 Map link ( if appropriate )   --    
 Trading Hours   --    
 50px high Logo Graphic   --    
 Brief Description
   (included in search)
 Brief Hidden Keywords
   (included in search)
 Emergency contact details
   (not displayed)
 Individual listing visits counter   -- can provide a single low cost Local Web Page for enterprises that don't have a domain name, website, or hosted internet profile.
Contact us to discuss your requirements and for pricing.

   * Limited / unpaid - Display can be removed at any time without notice.
   * All counters are reset on 31st December each year.

Unpaid Listing

Echucaweb is NOT a free listing service.  Echucaweb will provide a single time-limited unpaid / unverified enterprise name listing for Business, Community, and Public Service enterprises based in Echuca, Moama, or immediate surrounding areas at the commencement of each Calendar Year.

Display of an 'Unpaid' / Unverified enterprise listing is limited to a predefined period after which the enterprise contact details will automatically be removed, and will nolonger be displayed for the remainder of the calendar year.

Advertising provides low cost advertising for all local enterprises based in Echuca, Moama, or immediate surrounding areas. can provide a FREE listing to local non-profit Community based organisations.  Representatives are encouraged to contact Echucaweb to help maintain accurate phone , email, web, and social media contact details.

Standard ' Paid / Active ' Listing - $22.00 inc. for 2021

Multiple Listings
Multiple Listings - Currently just $22.00 inc each Annually

Some enterprises have multiple operational aspects, or functions within the same local address.  Where required, an enterprise can apply for multiple listings to reflect their additional functions. may provide an additional listing under a different category at ( currently ) $22.00 inc for each additional listing per Calendar Year to reflect the different aspect or function of a group or enterprise.  

Each multiple listing can include separate advertising options than those in the initial listing so as to help describe and support each aspect / function, as each listing is invoiced separately.  Enterprises should not attempt to saturate the directory with duplicate listings for the same operation or function.

Email Accounts DOES NOT provide email accounts.  You should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) with regard to obtaining an email address and internet account.

Domain Names CAN provide assistance with securing and maintaining Domain Names including www.[ your enterprise name ].com,, .info, .biz,,,

Web Site Hosting CAN provide assistance with web site hosting of web pages or establishing a web site as appropriate.

Web Page Design and Development CAN design and develop web pages and web sites, or act in the capacity of Contract Supervisor for enterprises wishing to subcontract this activity to other agencies or individuals.

Prices for advertising options can change without notice.

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